KAP – or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy – is the new and innovative partnership of psychotherapy with ketamine medical treatment.  Building on the IV ketamine model and research, KAP involves evidence-based psychotherapeutic support to expand the healing potential of ketamine treatments. Ideally suited for someone who is seeking and ready to be an active participant in their healing, KAP provides structure, support, and skillful guidance to utilize ketamine to make positive changes in your mental health.

It can be tempting to view ketamine as a “cure all” which provides immediate resolution of the suffering that you have lived with for a long time.  Ketamine as a medication can work quickly to reduce mental health symptoms and facilitate profound insights, but ultimately it is the unfolding toward wholeness and resilience that naturally develops over days, weeks, and months that leads to sustained improvements in mood and valued living.

KAP provides a therapeutic container to heal in these ways, as well as prepare someone for new opportunities for growth that may exist outside of MPH. Rather than an on-going treatment with no end, we see KAP as a catalyst that can propel and provide direction to your healing path. On average, MPH works with KAP clients over a period of 6 to 12 months.

In KAP, one of our MPH therapists will work alongside you during each step of your ketamine treatment path: helping to prepare before your first ketamine session, offering support during each session, and providing structure to integrate your experiences afterward.

PREPARATION allows for the development of mutually agreed upon goals, identifying intentions and expectations for treatment, preparing for thoughtful engagement with altered states of consciousness, and cultivating safety and trust within the therapeutic relationship.

MEDICINE SESSIONS utilize oral ketamine, intramuscular (IM) ketamine, and sometimes intravenous (IV) ketamine and take place with a therapist in the treatment room for support and guidance.

INTEGRATION psychotherapy sessions take place in between ketamine treatments to explore and apply insights gained from treatment sessions, while also helping to identify places of growth and strategies for positive change in one’s life.

Our therapists incorporate a variety of evidence based modalities and ketamine specific training to help you navigate your ketamine sessions and treatment path, reinforce and build upon your existing strengths and goals, and work to separate from unhelpful and intrusive patterns of thought and behavior. KAP work aims to re-establish the centrality of your voice and dignity in your mental health by cultivating a space to be with the vulnerability, pain, and joy on a path toward wholeness.

TO BE CONSIDERED AS A CANDIDATE FOR KAP, everyone begins by scheduling a consultation with an MPH medical provider and therapist to discuss your medical and mental health history. During the consultation, we will determine if ketamine is a safe and potentially effective treatment for you, and confirm that KAP would be the optimal path for you to take at our clinic.  An ideal candidate for KAP through the MPH office will:

  1. Have an active therapy relationship with an outside provider in addition to working with an MPH therapist.
  2. Typically be on few or no psychiatric medications.
  3. Be ready and willing to spend time working on their health and wellness outside of the ketamine sessions.

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