• Ketamine Assisted Palliative Care

When someone is approaching the end of their life, it is common to experience depression, existential distress, and anxiety.  Along with the importance of thoughtful care for one’s physical self, attending to emotional, spiritual and social needs can create space for meaning and strength amidst illness.

We see Ketamine as a tool and catalyst to access your innate capacity for emotional and spiritual healing. A person’s unique values, life experiences and present challenges can be supported and explored during Ketamine and integration therapy sessions. Ketamine is safe, has a short duration of action, and is easily administered in a supportive and caring environment.

Ketamine has a unique ability to potentiate reflection and to allow refocusing and renewal.  Although there are no published studies of the combined use of Ketamine and therapy for people with terminal illness, it has been used with success for depression, anxiety, and trauma.  We believe persons facing the end of their life are deserving of the reflection and opportunity to explore what ketamine can offer. This process has the potential to enhance gratitude, consciousness, connectedness and to improve quality of life.

At Michigan Progressive Health, we are taking the lead in offering Ketamine to patients at the end-of-life.  We are modeling our approach after the “Conscious Living, Conscious Dying” FDA-approved study currently being undertaken by Dr. Phil Wolfson, et al., sponsored by the Ketamine Research Foundation, and bringing our clinic’s 5+ years of experience working with people utilizing Ketamine to find a sense of meaning and wholeness.

In our Ketamine-assisted Palliative Care program, a MD and psychotherapist will be a part of your care team. In addition to the Ketamine sessions themselves, you will meet with your team for a consultation, and your therapist for sessions to prepare beforehand and integrate your experiences afterward. Below, please find a step by step account of the process and the price for the program.

  1. 1. Reach out to Michigan Progressive health to schedule a screening call
    2. Complete a consultation with your MPH doctor and therapist (2 hours – $500)
    3. Attend  a preparation session with your therapist (1 hour – $125)
    4. Attend your first Ketamine session (3-4 hours $1000)
    5. Attend an integration session with your therapist (1 hour – $125)
    6. Attend your second Ketamine session (3-4 hours – $1000)
    7. Attend your second integration session (1 hour – $125)
  2. Ketamine-assisted Palliative Care Program total cost:  $2,875

    NOTE: If ongoing Ketamine sessions are determined to be of benefit, total cost subject to change.

    If you are interested in connecting with our team, please reach out through phone or email at the contact information below.

Phone: 248-291-7709

Email: royaloak@michiganprogressivehealth.com