Our staff

Dr. Oxley

As an ER Physician in Detroit, Dr. Oxley observed that without mental health, there is no physical health. Modern psychiatry was often treating mental illness like an overwhelmed ER, stabilizing clients to get them out the door without healing root causes. She discovered the immense benefits of ketamine when researching depression treatment options for a family member and opened Michigan Progressive Health in 2016 to provide this leading edge treatment for those with chronic mood and pain conditions.

A board certified Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Megan Oxley is a graduate of Wayne State University and is fellowship trained in Integrative Psychiatry.  Dr. Oxley is a founding board member and past Vice President of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists, & Practitioners. She is active faculty at the Integrative Psychiatry Institute in Colorado.

Dr. Oxley has witnessed people from all walks of life benefit from ketamine infusion therapy, making it possible for them to not only achieve significant relief and better functioning, but more deeply meaningful ways of engaging with their lives.


Dr. Kathryn Chilton is an enthusiastic and accomplished psychiatrist, committed to delivering compassionate patient-centered care, studying altered states of consciousness, and promoting mental health through innovative therapeutic approaches. She earned her medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed her psychiatry residency at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Chilton’s skill was recognized with the Waggoner Award for distinguished performance in psychiatry and she was twice awarded the prestigious Academic Achievement Award during residency.

At the University of Wisconsin, she worked as a facilitator on pioneering psilocybin studies for treating depression and substance abuse. Additionally, Dr. Chilton took the initiative to develop a groundbreaking Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy program at the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, and co-authored a KAP protocol now implemented in multiple VA facilities.  These experiences led her to become certified in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge to better serve her patients, Dr. Chilton is presently undergoing further certification in Integrative Psychiatry.

Dr. Chilton’s accomplishments and dedication to mental health advocacy and holistic well-being make her a valuable addition to the Michigan Progressive Health team.


Laura is a certified Physician Assistant who specializes in Emergency Medicine. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Wayne State University during which she was a member of the GLIAC championship Softball team and a 3 time Academic All-American. She received her Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Detroit Mercy and earned an Alumni Graduate Scholarship and Clinical Medicine Top Scholar; cumulative GPA. She has worked in multiple Emergency Departments in the SouthEastern Michigan area and is currently employed by Emergency Physician Medical Group at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

Laura has enjoyed the fast-paced atmosphere of the Emergency Department, where she performs procedures and other interventions to get her patients feeling better quickly. However, the best thing about working at Michigan Progressive Health is having the opportunity to build relationships with her patients and being able to see them start and continue to feel better. Laura is passionate about mental health and making connections with her patients that will help them along their healing journeys.

Dr. Braun

Dr. Braun is a board-certified neurologist with over 10 years of experience. His interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness began as an athlete recognizing from a young age that a deep focus in sports could sometimes lead to enhanced awareness or flow states. He attended Michigan State University on a baseball scholarship and served as the team co-captain his senior year earning Academic All-America accolades. While at MSU he studied human biology and philosophy and did research in nerve regeneration before attending Wayne State University School of Medicine, where he first met Dr. Oxley. He moved to Denver for residency in neurology at University of Colorado to pursue his passion for studying consciousness and the mind. He did a fellowship at University of Michigan in Clinical Neurophysiology with a focus on epilepsy and while there did research with ketamine and functional connectivity of the brain with one of the foremost researchers in consciousness.

Since 2014 he has practiced general neurology in the Ann Arbor region with a focus on seizures and other non-ordinary states of consciousness. While in practice his compassion swelled as he began to recognize that many people coming to him for help with suspected neurological issues in fact had underlying trauma manifesting with psychological distress, often attributable to dysregulation of their autonomic nervous systems and maladaptive coping mechanisms. He became more interested in the mind-body relationship and the effects from stress and trauma. This led him to pursue further study with a 1 year fellowship with the integrative psychiatry institute (IPI) learning more about non-pharmacological approaches to treating mental health conditions. He also did an experiential training with ketamine assisted psychotherapy with the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) in 2020.

He has a keen interest in medicines that transform consciousness, the neuroscience of wellness and with other practices and therapies that can aid in enhanced self-awareness. He has studied yoga and meditation for over 10 years and likes to bring lessons he has learned through these practices to his patients’ lives. He tries to create a supportive and non-judgmental space for his patient encounters and really enjoys forming deep connections. He is excited about the opportunity to practice at Michigan Progressive Health and hopes to be a bridge in helping people transform their lives.

Dr Murphy

Board certified palliative care physician and a fellow of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Certified End-of-Life Doula through the National
End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA), Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Guide through the California Institute of Integral Studies. Grandma and Harpist.

Elisabeth is a certified Physician Assistant specializing in Emergency Medicine. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and minor in Biology. She worked as a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor in western Michigan until pursuing her master’s degree from Wayne State University. In 2006, Elisabeth graduated with her Master’s in Science of Medicine, Physician Assistant Studies, and has worked in Emergency Medicine since graduation. She currently provides care to patients at Henry Ford Hospital Wyandotte outside of being at MPH..

Elisabeth enjoys the variety of medicine that the ER environment brings, as well as providing care and comfort to her patients at their most vulnerable times. She brings this compassion to her patients at Michigan Progressive Health and is grateful to be working to heal patients through this unique, multidisciplinary approach, giving them the opportunity to begin the journey to improve their quality of life.

Nate is a clinical social worker who received his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan. His interests focus on understanding how mental health, physical health, and spiritual health lead to a sense of connection and well-being. He is passionate about considering how experiences of loss and resilience can integrate into who we are and who we want to be.

Prior to joining Michigan Progressive Health, Nate worked as a hospice social worker, a therapist for people living with chronic illness, and as a health volunteer with Peace Corps in Zambia. He participated in the Student Association of Psychedelics at Michigan’s School of Social Work and the Creative Dying project, exploring how palliative care can be community based and psychedelic friendly.

Nate was trained in Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with the Polaris Insight Center in California. He believes that Ketamine is a valuable tool which can help people connect to their own innate capacity for healing. He enjoys helping clients uncover and unfold their existing strengths, goals, and values in order to help integrate therapy experiences into daily life. Nate emphasizes the importance of self-direction and dignity in creating a container of trust and safety to honor one’s past and illuminate a path toward wholeness.

Therapist Taryn
Taryn obtained her Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan. She was drawn to the field of social work for its comprehensive and person-centered approaches to clinical work. During graduate school, she co-founded an organization dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary conversation among students about psychedelics as a means to heal individuals and improve mental health systems.

Taryn received clinical training providing individual and group therapy to adults in a dual-diagnosis outpatient facility. She has practiced in community mental health, educational, and clinical research settings.

Taryn trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute. She views the therapeutic relationship as the force that leads to lasting change and ketamine a powerful tool for psychological exploration. Taryn works together with patients to cultivate transformative experiences, increasing acceptance and connection to selves and others and setting the stage for long-term change. Her trauma-informed therapeutic approach draws heavily from humanistic perspectives.


Kelly graduated from Oakland University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2015. She immediately started working as a registered nurse at an inpatient psychiatric unit.

Kelly is very enthusiastic about her work and her patients. “I always knew that I wanted to work in the mental health field. There is such a need in the field and I meet so many interesting people.”

Matt received his Master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago Crown School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice and is currently a doctoral candidate in the joint Social Work and Anthropology Program at the University of Michigan. He also received training through the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis and the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Psychiatry. Prior to starting with Michigan Progressive Health, Matt helped found and worked as a therapist at a low-cost mental health clinic in Chicago and had a private practice as a member of the Wellington Counseling Group. He is currently receiving training on ketamine-and psychedelic-assisted therapy through the Polaris Insight Center.

As a therapist, Matt aims to develop a collaborative relationship where there is room to explore what is causing a person difficulties and what might help. This can involve considering experiences from the past, looking at current patterns of thought and behavior, or considering the impacts of social factors and forms of oppression. His areas of expertise include OCD, anxiety disorders, existential and spiritual difficulties, and trauma-focused therapy. He was the lead organizer for the 2021 “OCD in Society Conference” held at the University of Michigan and is particularly interested in working with clients who are seeking Ketamine treatment as an adjunctive or alternative to other forms of OCD treatment. In his free time, he likes to play and record music, go on outdoor adventures, perform improv comedy, and read books about anthropology and philosophy.

Djinn has over 20 years’ experience with psychedelic medicines and has been working on education and advocacy for psychedelic therapies in a professional capacity for over a decade. Djinn specializes in working with survivors of childhood trauma, those with treatment-resistant depression, and issues related to LGBTQ identities. Djinn came out as a nonbinary trans person in 2017.

They are currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a focus on Family Therapy at Michigan State University. Djinn was previously the host of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast under their birth name, and has been a speaker on psychedelics and family life at multiple conferences, both in the US and abroad. They have previously been a Store Manager for Walgreens as well as a medical office manager and an autism educator.


Richy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Michigan State University in 2019 and started pursuing his career at Michigan Medicine. He felt called to the profession to help people when they’re struggling as well as hearing about the work that his two sisters had put into nursing themselves. Originally working on the acute oncology unit, he became interested in mental health after seeing what patients underwent during their hospital stays and how it impacted them. Richy is excited to join Michigan Progressive Health and expand his nursing scope of practice.

Ashley serves as patient intake coordinator at our Royal Oak clinic and is a former Wayne State University student majoring in biological sciences and Japanese. During her time at Wayne State, she worked as a student researcher, investigating the role of the protein h2-calponin in whole blood thrombosis and platelet adhesion. She has been a violist for over 25 years and plays with the Detroit Medical Orchestra and her own string quartet. She is currently pursuing computer programming.

Ashley is also a bartender of 10 years, having worked at several notable Detroit bars and restaurants. She was highlighted in Hour Detroit as well as Double Strained Collective‘s ’29 Days of Black Bartenders’ Black History Month series highlighting prominent Black bartenders in the Detroit service industry. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys nature, working out, Star Trek, reading (books, comic books and manga), skateboarding, African Dance, braiding hair, and working as an amateur mechanic on her cars. Feel free to ask her about her cat Kritty, the light of her life. She strives to bring warmth to every one of our patients, helping to create an inviting atmosphere for their healing journey.


Christian Smith received his Master’s of Social Work from the University of Michigan, and his undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from Michigan State University. He is grateful for the training experience he received as a therapist with Community Mental Health, serving clients with severe mental illness. During that time he facilitated groups in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and a Men’s Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Group. While he continues to draw from these experiences and toolkits, Christian grounds his work in a mindful, relational, and compassionate approach to clients.

Alongside his work in therapy, Christian is developing a sustainable community and farm, and has a long history of working with environmental and socially oriented community organizations. He integrates his passions in the positive psychology of community, spirituality, and nature connection into his work with clients when it serves them. He works to empower clients to be the leader in their healing process, as they engage with ketamine and the therapy relationship in ways that both heal their wounds and make way for their self-actualization.


Devon is an Integrative Nurse Coach (NC-BC) with over a decade of Nursing experience. She is currently training in Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Maté & has a passion for the healing potential found in psychedelic medicine.

Therapist Emily

Emily received her Master’s in Social Work from Wayne State University. She is authentic and relational in her approach to therapy, integrating mindfulness, guided meditation, somatic therapy, parts work, and acceptance and commitment therapy into her work with clients. She believes therapy isn’t one size fits all, and that a person-centered approach is key to walking alongside clients in their healing journey.

Prior to joining Michigan Progressive Health, Emily worked in private practice. She provided integrative therapy services to teens and adults who had experienced trauma, or who were struggling with anxiety, depression, or relationship challenges. She also has prior experience working in grief support, providing peer support to individuals and groups who had experienced the loss of a loved one. She specialized in working with those who had experienced traumatic losses, especially those who had lost someone due to suicide or overdose.

Emily is currently in training with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute on ketamine and other psychedelic therapies. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of psychedelic-assisted therapy to offer transformative experiences that deeply connect individuals with their inner healing intelligence. Emily believes we are hardwired for connection, which is part of why she loves being a therapist.



Serving as the Director of Operations for MPH, Ryan Boyle is a proud Michigan State University graduate who was born and raised in northern Michigan. Ryan spent over a decade managing special events for The Andy Warhol Museum and Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ryan returned to Michigan in order to partner with Dr. Oxley and run the clinic’s day-to-day operations. He is uniquely committed to patient success with his welcoming personality, and he possesses that innate ability to put people at ease. Ryan makes all of the MPH patients feel welcome, and he takes great personal pride in his ability to help people every day of the week. Ryan’s number one priority is to make every MPH patient’s experience relaxing and curative, a success from start to finish.


Lauren, a queer psychotherapist, obtained their Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan where their studies focused on geriatric wellness, substance use treatment, and equitable healthcare services. They also helped facilitate an interdisciplinary student organization that hosted spaces to explore the rapidly changing landscape of psychedelic use in both academia and the community. 

Lauren received training in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy through the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute and the Polaris Institute. Their ketamine practice is supported by trauma informed approaches, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Internal Family Systems therapy. They enjoy weaving elements of playfulness into the unfolding relationship they share with clients.

Lauren’s affinity to therapeutic work with clients is relational and creative. They help navigate one’s life narrative with curiosity, exploring opportunities to gain different perspectives, consider what self-beliefs are not sustainable, and reclaim an empowered sense of self.  

Jen is an MSW candidate and intern with Michigan Progressive Health. They were drawn to the field of social work for its focus on dignity, self-determination, and justice. Jen believes that each person’s inner healing intelligence is a powerful ally in the practice of wellbeing. Jen creates a compassionate space where clients can turn towards their pain and cultivate transformation. They are grateful to be practicing social work alongside MPH’s incredible team.

A love of plants and a dedication to harm reduction introduced Jen to the world of psychedelic medicine. They have extensive experience as a psychedelic peer support volunteer with the Zendo Project, the Fireside Project, and DanceSafe. Jen is also a hospice volunteer and NEDA-certified end-of-life doula. They are passionate about supporting individuals through grief and transition at end-of-life.

Jen brings to this work 10 years of experience as a non-profit executive director and operations optimizer. As a member of Detroit’s thriving food and urban agriculture community, they co-created the Detroit Food Academy (DFA) to support youth in exploring the intersection of food systems and social justice hands-on by creating good food projects. Now a proud board member with DFA, the organization has served 5000 young Detroiters and continues to thrive. They hold an MBA from Michigan State University. In their free time, they enjoy cooking, meditation, practicing Spanish, and playing kickball.
Emma Mead

Emma is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work degree at the University of Michigan with a focus on interpersonal practice in integrated health, mental health, and substance abuse. She is interested in utilizing a holistic approach to mental health care by focusing on the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual components of health and wellness. She is also passionate about fostering a sense of community and healing through group work.

Emma received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Prior to returning to school for her MSW, Emma worked with survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault in Colorado and continued that work as a volunteer in Ann Arbor. At the University of Michigan, Emma is the president of the Student Association for Psychedelic Studies. During her free time, Emma likes to rock climb, bake, hike, and tend to her house plants.