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Tailored Ketamine Treatments

Break Free from Depression with Ketamine Therapy

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Beyond Treatment: Total Wellness

More than just ketamine infusions

While ketamine infusions are not fully covered, consultations and related services often are.
Let’s navigate your insurance landscape together.

  • Beyond Infusions: Holistic Care

    Our approach integrates ketamine therapy with supportive services to ensure comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s needs.

  • Comprehensive Support Services

    Combining psychotherapy, integrative psychiatry, and personalized wellness plans enhances the effectiveness of ketamine treatment.

  • Nurturing, Supportive Setting

    Experience treatments in a comforting environment with personalized attention and supportive peer group meetings.

  • Tailored Patient-Centered Care

    Post-treatment integration with therapists helps apply new insights, fostering long-term improvements in mental health.

  • Sustained Recovery Support

    Our patient testimonials reflect the profound impact of our comprehensive, individual-focused treatment strategies.

Our clinic provides more than just ketamine infusions;
we offer a complete treatment ecosystem focused on your overall well-being.

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Real Results, Real Relief

Hear from our patients who’ve found relief through our tailored ketamine treatments.

This place has saved my life. Before coming here in 2019 I was in an extremely dark place and was looking for anything that could help. My psychiatrist suggested Michigan Progressive Health. I was nervous for my first infusion, but everyone here was so kind and reassuring. Every room is so comfortable with beautiful pictures on the wall and a great atmosphere. I’m so grateful for everything they do and now, four years later, I can say that my depression is under control because of them. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggling with depression and not getting relief with regular treatment options.

Chelsea Rosenbaum

Dr Oxley is amazing. Caring, competent, passionate about helping her patients. I am so glad I found her. Worth the drive from Jackson area for sure!! HIGHLY recommend this practice. Ryan at the desk is great too 🙂

Bryn Prough

Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage varies, but consultations and some services may be covered. We’ll help you understand your specific benefits.

At MPH, we strive to make ketamine therapy accessible to as many patients as possible. Currently, we are pleased to be in-network with Aetna and BCBS PPO and Traditional insurance plans. However, it’s important to note that most insurance companies still consider ketamine treatment for mental health and chronic pain conditions to be experimental, and therefore, not all aspects of the treatment may be covered.

For patients with Aetna or BCBS insurance, we can directly bill your insurer for office visits and the therapeutic components of your treatment. Unfortunately, the ketamine administration itself is not typically covered. This arrangement often results in a significant reduction in the cost of infusions, potentially halving the price for many of our patients.

To help you navigate your insurance benefits and understand what costs will be covered, we offer detailed documents and guidance. Our intake coordinators are also available to answer any questions and assist you in understanding your insurance coverage.

For those who do not have Aetna or BCBS but have out-of-network benefits, you may be eligible for reimbursement for a portion of your treatment costs, depending on your specific insurance plan. Payment for services is required at the time of your visit, and we accept cash, checks, or credit cards. Upon request, we will provide you with a Superbill after your treatment, which you can submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement.

For more detailed information about insurance coverage and financing options, please visit our Insurance Page. Our goal is to support you in accessing ketamine therapy in the most financially manageable way possible.

We offer a military discount of 10% for both active and previous service. All other discounts for services are case-by-case and based on need. Those who qualify are determined by the providers and office management.

At our clinic, we aim to make the payment process as seamless and convenient as possible for all our patients. Here’s how we handle payments:

  • Initial Consultation: For your initial consultation, we require a credit or debit card to be kept on file. This is to ensure seamless payment for any missed appointments or charges associated with virtual visits.

  • Payment Methods: We accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience. This includes cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

  • Credit Cards: We are pleased to accept all major credit cards, including those with Visa® or Mastercard® logos. This extends to CareCredit® cards that feature either of these logos, allowing you to use your CareCredit® account for payments at our clinic.

  • Default Payment Method: Unless specified otherwise, the card on file will be used for processing payments for your treatment. If you prefer to use a different payment method for a particular transaction, please let us know in advance.

We understand the importance of flexibility in managing healthcare costs, which is why we strive to accommodate a range of payment options. If you have any questions about payment processing or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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No commitment required, just a conversation to explore your options.

We’ll never share your information to anyone.